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Wireless Networks Services and Wireless Installations in Connecticut, Western Massachusetts and Westchester County, New York

Wireless Ethernet Installations for Distribution Centers, Warehouses, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics, Public Spaces as well as Highly Mobile Workspaces

Wireless Network InstallationsIn 2000, 802.11b became the standard wireless Ethernet networking technology for both business and home. The WiFI organization was created to ensure interoperability between 802.11b products. With a realistic throughput of 2.5-4Mbps, it is blazing fast for most network applications. EKRIS Infrastructure Services has developed a high level expertise to provide you with the best quality wireless installation. You can count on our expertise for any of the following installation types:

     In-building allowing seamless roaming throughout the interior and exterior of a building or buildings.  Examples include distribution centers, warehouses, healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, logistics, public spaces as well as highly mobile workspaces. 

     Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows access points to be installed and relocated with just one cable.  AC power is not required at the access point location reducing installation costs.

     Inter-building point-to-point and point-to-multipoint voice, data and video connectivity options in situations where frame relay, T1/FT1, or leased lines are not economical and cabling is not practical or possible


Extensive site surveys performed for optimal placement of access points (AP), potential sources of interference and technology to be deployed (802.11a, b and/or g, proprietary wireless, Free Space Optics (FSO))

Exciting new offerings include non line-of-site (NLOS) links allowing wireless connectivity at up to T3 speeds (45Mbps) where previously unavailable due to obstacles such as trees and buildings.

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