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Low Voltage Systems - Design, Installation and Maintenance in Connecticut, MA, and NY States

Access Card Systems, Video Conferencing Systems, Satellite Cabling Systems, Time and Attendance Systems, and more

     Access Card and Biometric Systems

     Door Entry (Audio/Video) Systems

     Overhead Paging System including background music and tone generation for telephone ringing and break alerts

     Spot sound masking providing confidentiality from hallway traffic

     Cabling for data collection and time and attendance systems

     Cabling for LCD projectors, plasma screen displays and video conferencing equipment

     Code Blue remote emergency phones

     Demarcation extensions for leased lines, ISDN, POTS, T1/FT1, Frame Relay, CATV and satellite

     Satellite cabling for DBS, DirecTV, VSAT and TVRO

     Station protection for copper voice, data and video building entrances

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