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Cabling and Wiring Infrastructure Services - Connecticut, Western Massachusetts and Westchester County, New York

Network Cabling, Copper & Fiber Structured Cabling and Installations, Home Automation and Home Networking, Home Camera Systems

Connecticut  / CT License 106004

The installation arm of Ekris Cable, we provide structured cabling and wireless solutions throughout Connecticut, Western Massachusetts and Westchester County, New York.

Some of the solutions we offer are:

     Copper and Fiber Optic Structured Cabling
     Organization, testing and certification of existing networks
     Aerial and Underground Links
     Networking hardware
     Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
     Residential cabling
     Specialized low voltage systems
     Network Cabinets
     Support Products and Services
     High Speed Internet Distribution for the Hospitality Industry and Multi-Tenant Properties

Services Offered

Commercial Network Cabling and Installations:

Copper Cabling, Optical Fiber Cabling, Installation and Termination, as well as Test and Certification of Systems

We cover: Cat 5, Cat5e, and Cat 6 Network Data Cable Installations, Voice Cable Installations, Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Data Centers, Call Center, Help Desks, PBX, etc

Industries Served: Education - Healthcare Facilities - Financial Institutions - Government - Small Offices - Multi-story Buildings - Automotive - Manufacturing Plants - Restaurants - Retail

Residential Network Cabling and Installations

SOHO Lans providing you with the capability to operate a Local Area Network within your home

Home Cameras providing you with the capability to operate a home camera system to keep an eye on the baby, pool, front door, etc.

Home automation:

     Control and program lighting
     Control and program heating / air conditioning
     Integrated security system
     Forget to turn something on or off - call home and take care of it

Home Networking providing you with the capability to distribute outside services and entertainment to any part of your home (such as: cable television, DSS, DVD players, telephone, DSL, Internet, etc.)

Physical media

Twisted pair - Wire is twisted to minimize crosstalk interference. It may be shielded or unshielded.

     UTP-Unshielded Twisted Pair. Normally UTP contains 8 wires or 4 pair. 100 meter maximum length. 4-100 Mbps speed.

     STP-Shielded twisted pair. 100 meter maximum length. 16-155 Mbps speed. Lower electrical interference than UTP.

Coaxial - Two conductors separated by insulation such as TV 75 ohm cable. Maximum length of 185 to 500 meters.

     Thinnet - Thinnet uses a British Naval Connector (BNC) on each end. Thinnet is part of the RG-58 family of cable*. Maximum cable length is 185 meters. Transmission speed is 10Mbps. Thinnet cable should have 50 ohms impedance and its terminator has 50 ohms impedance. A T or barrel connector has no impedance.

     Thicknet - Half inch rigid cable. Maximum cable length is 500 meters. Transmission speed is 10Mbps. Expensive and is not commonly used. (RG-11 or RG-8). A vampire tap or piercing tap is used with a transceiver attached to connect computers to the cable. 100 connections may be made. The computer has an attachment unit interface (AUI) on its network card which is a 15 pin DB-15 connector. The computer is connected to the transceiver at the cable from its AUI on its network card using a drop cable.

Coax cable types:

     RG-58 /U - 50 ohm, with a solid copper wire core.
     RG-58 A/U* - 50 ohm, with a stranded wire core.
     RG-58 C/U* - Military version of RG-58 A/U.
     RG-59 - 75 ohm, for broadband transmission such as cable TV.
     RG-62 - 93 ohm, primarily used for ArcNet.
     RG-6 - Used for satellite cable (if you want to run a cable to a satellite!).

*Only these are part of the IEEE specification for ethernet networks.

Fiber-optic - Data is transmitted using light rather than electrons. Usually there are two fibers, one for each direction. Cable length of 2 Kilometers. Speed from 100Mbps to 2Gbps. This is the most expensive and most difficult to install, but is not subject to interference. Two types of cables are:

     Single mode cables for use with lasers.
     Multimode cables for use with Light Emitting Diode (LED) drivers.

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