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Closed Circuit Television CCTV Installation Services in Connecticut, Western Massachusetts and Westchester County, New York

Video Infrastructure Design, Installation, Upgrades and Maintenance, Cameras, Digital Video Recorders, Multiplexers, Media Converters, Baluns and Monitors

In today's uncertain times, security Is more important than ever !  CCTV has finally joined the 21st century digital era. 

Stop fumbling and forgetting to replace VHS VCR tapes and use high-resolution hard drive digital storage.  Access live or recorded images from a networked PC – even over the Internet or a dial-up connection.

Ekris offers complete retrofit or new installation of cameras, digital video recorders, multiplexers, media converters, baluns and monitors.  Using video coaxial cabling, optical fiber, wireless and/or UTP, Ekris can design and install a complete video infrastructure.

Better yet, prepare for the next revolution in CCTV – the all digital age.  Although most cameras are digital, a digital to analog conversion occurs from the camera to the cable, traditional coax.  At the multiplexer or recording device, a conversion back to digital is often made.

The next logical progression is to carry the digital signals over a structured cabling system just as voice and data are distributed.  Eventually, cameras will probably contain Ethernet ports and be completely integrated into the LAN.  With some foresight, expensive re-cabling can be avoided.

  -  Power, signal and pan/tilt/zoom control over the same 4-pair  UTP cable! 

Network cameras containing an integrated Ethernet port capturing and transmitting live images over an IP network (LAN, intranet, Internet) enabling users to remotely view and/or manage the camera from a Web browser on any computer (tablet, Pocket PCs and PDAs as well), anywhere, at any time.

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