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Temperature Control Solution for Electrical Enclosures

Cabinet Cooling / Enclosure Air Conditioning

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Our enclosures are engineered & manufactured to endure the most difficult heat environments and applications. Our enclosure coolers / cabinet air conditioners will exceed environmental requirements in applications like Steel, Food Processing, Petro-Chemical, Cement, Paper & Pulp and Plastics.

As a general rule for electronics equipment, every 10C temperature rise in nominal temperatures produces a 50 percent reduction in the lifetime and long-term reliability of equipment. This indicates that enclosure or cabinet temperature control will deliver an immediate return on investment. Air Conditioned Server Cabinets and other cooling solution for electronics, computers and telecommunication equipment are clearly a smart economic move.

Our cabinet cooling systems have the widest range of applications such as: server cabinet cooling, rack cabinet cooling, electrical cabinet cooling, electronics cabinet air conditioning, control cabinet cooling, cooling fans for cabinets, computer cabinet air conditioning, equipment cabinet cooling / air conditioning.

Expensive equipment may cost tens of thousands to replace if damaged. Cooled / air conditioned data cabinets can provide a great advantage to datacenters, reducing computer room costs, while improving operational performance and reducing facility operating costs. Cabinet cooling allows, through increased equipment density, a significant reduction in the number of cabinets in datacenters. In turn, this results in great savings of expensive computer room floor, savings in cabinet installations and ultimately, enormous operational savings.


Digital Temperature Controller

     Programmable set point and temperature operating controls
     Visible Error and/or alarm messaging
     System status indication
     Password protection

Active Condensate Management System

     Complete elimination of condensate
     Eradicates condensate without corrosive contact with coils

Unit Efficiency

     Pressure operated blower control reduces power inrush and saves energy
     Highly efficient rotary compressor
     Fully insulated & sealed cabinet
     Temperature Control Valve to provide a broad temperature range while maintaining cooling capacity.

Compressor Protection System

     High & Low refrigerant cutouts with fault indication
     Compressor anti short cycle protection
     Compressor run capacitors reduce power inrush, save energy and increase compressor life


     External Alarm Capabilities
     Extended Warranty Available
     Corrosive Environment Package
     High and Low Ambient Packages
     Dry Contact Remote Monitoring Options
     Integrated Enclosure Heater System
     Available in NEMA Type 12, 4 & 4X
     Hazardous Area systems available

    For complete details by model number and Cooling capacity, please see our catalog

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